Vista Day Surgery Theatre Area

As a purpose built day surgery, much time has been invested to ensure the built product allows the latest and the best care to be delivered to our patients.  

In addition to administrative and consulting space, Vista Day Surgery comprises two licensed generously sized operating theatres and fully optioned first and second stage recovery areas. Additional areas are set aside for pre-anaesthetic administration, instrument sterilization, sterile equipment storage, pharmacy supplies, waiting areas and staff amenities.  Our operating rooms are designed and equipped to deliver the latest advances in surgery whether performed under either local regional or general anaesthesia.

Vista Day Surgery has achieved accreditation to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS Standards) and with AS/NZS ISO9001.  Accreditation ensures that all health services maintain the highest standards of quality and safety, and deliver continuous service improvements.  Through a process of regular assessment and review conducted by external auditors, accreditation tests that systems are in place and working effectively.  Our passion and commitment to patient safety and quality of care is reflected in the 'Met with Merit' rating Vista Day Surgery was proud to achieve during accreditation in five areas of Governance.


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