Instructions for patients

Vista Day Surgery Recovery Area

Instructions for patients having surgery at Vista Day Surgery


You must have nothing to eat and drink six (6) hours before your admission time. This includes gum, lollies, milk, coffee etc. You can have a glass of water (200mls) up to four (4) hours before your admission time unless otherwise directed by your doctor or nurse during your pre-admission telephone call.

Time in hospital

You will be required to stay in hospital until you are clinically fit for discharge. This time varies from person to person, though on average you will be in Recovery for 1-2 hours after your operation.

Transport home

You must have a responsible adult drive you home and stay with you overnight. This is for your own safety as you may be lightheaded after your surgery.

Taking care at home

If you had General or IV Sedation Anaesthesia, a small degree of anaesthetic may still circulate in your body for up to 24 hours. This means:

Discharge Information

Vista Day Surgery provides comprehensive information both before and after your surgery to assist patients to be fully informed, prepared and in control of your planning for discharge and post discharge follow up.

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